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Fracking in Your Back Yard
Zoning changes have been proposed in Churchill that could allow or prevent fracking on the property that was formerly the Churchill Valley Country Club. Please click here for a CBS News story which offers more information.

While the new owner of the property does not live in the area and will not have to live with the consequences, many people who do live here do not think this is a good idea.

An Oil and Gas Industry employee living in this area has stated: "The ONLY party who will be making money on any drilling on the CVCC property will be the owners of the CVCC. Everyone else has such small adjoining lots that a lease bonus payment would only be a few hundred dollars and the royalties would not be significant due to the small acreage lots that homeowners own. I know the going rate for lease bonus payments and royalties and there is just no financial incentive to lease in this particular situation. This is a message that should be communicated to neighbors who might think they could be missing out on a windfall and free money if they do not lease."

More information on the proposed drilling and its potential impact on our neighborhood is available here.


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Blackridge Neighborhood Watch
One of the perks of living in a community that keeps in touch is that we look out for each other. We live in a fairly safe neighborhood, but crime does occasionally happen. Some big deterrents for crime are keeping alert, notifying police of anything suspicious, and keeping others informed. To be kept informed of activity in the neighborhood or to report crime news, please email: blackridgeneighborhoodwatch@gmail.com.



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