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The Blackridge Civic Association was founded in 1944 to promote the welfare of the community.

Through the efforts of the five year old Garden Club, trees now lined the streets of the new community of Blackridge, work was ready to start on the corner plantings, and funds were raised for handsome new road markers. The years of hard work resulted in an attractive and prestigious residential community - leading to an unwelcome jolt of a substantial increase in property taxes.
The ladies of the Garden Club took action by circulating a petition claiming that tax penalties were being levied because of individual and collective improvements. When the petition produced no practical results, the civic committee of the Club called a meeting on Sunday afternoon in 1944 and invited their husbands to join in the effort to reduce the new assessments.  That afternoon, the Blackridge Civic Association was launched and with it a new era in Blackridge history.

Today, the Blackridge Civic Association seeks to provide community identity for the more than 600 houses in the neighborhood that now includes parts of Wilkinsburg, Churchill and Penn Hills. The Civic Association built its Clubhouse through community support in 1953 and opened the swimming pool as an independent subsidiary in 1972. Property includes approximately ten acres of wooded land, ball fields, and a playground. A full social program for adults and children has also evolved over the years along with the regular publication of a community newsletter known as “The Blackboard”.

Do you have a Story, know some History or have Pictures of Blackridge!

Do you have a story to tell about Blackridge Past?  Were you part of the original housing development plans or the Civic Association and have historical or funny stories to share with those that wish they could have been?  Does your house or land have a noteworthy past or do you have interesting old photos of your property?  We’re compiling a history and stories of Blackridge for the new website and want to hear from our residents!  Please send any of the above to Sarah Kuharik, 1632 Georgetown Place, or email me, blackridge.webmaster@gmail.com.  Any photos will be carefully scanned and returned unscathed.

The Blackridge Civic Association E-mail: blackridge.webmaster@gmail.com